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Color and the Human Being 

Inspired by Johann W. von Goethe, Rudolf Steiner and Liane Collot d’Herbois

Chantal Bernard & Janny Mager

Why do we propose a new book on colour when there are already so many? Colour has intrigued humanity since the beginning of times; it seems that nothing remains to be discovered, added, or explored in this domain. However three personalities, each con- tinuing the research of the former, each in his own time and manner discovered fun- damental elements of colour and its laws of manifestation and movement. All three have experienced the inner conviction of the intimate relationship of colour with the human being. All three were the bearer of a vision of the world and of the human being in which the three great domains of research – science, art, and religion – found again the unity of their common origin.

They are Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Rudolf Steiner, and Liane Collot d’Herbois. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Above the sum of all his experiences in his theory of color, Goethe proposes a revolutionary method of approaching the colored pheno- menas which integrate the observer in the experience. What many scientists refuse to do in general, to consider the observer as subjective – so subject to the error – he makes a formidable tool of knowledge out of it.

Rudolf Steiner: Finding in the Goethean method the founding elements of a new theory of knowledge Rudolf Steiner will “… seek strictly in the world of the senses the unique object of science.”

Among his many fields of investigation, he gives a privileged place to the search for the sensible-supersensible nature of color and of the human being, revealing thus a large part of the mysteries linking these two entities.

Alongside their work as scientists, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Rudolf Steiner have also developed a significant body of artistic work. Both have painted, drawn, writ- ten poems and theatre plays.

Liane Collot d’Herbois: As a painter, but also as a researcher, Liane Collot d’Herbois adds a new dimension to the search of these brilliant predecessors. Her intimate know- ledge of the laws acting in the background of the appearance of color allows her to create a new way of painting. Her intimate knowledge of these same laws acting in the background of our constitution allows her to create a new way to heal with color. Liane Collot d’Herbois collects in a decisive way and a remarkable unity the different simila- rities existing between the being of color and the human being. She shows in a mas- terly and marvellous way how, during his whole evolution, the human being is accom- panied by color. She will also extend this knowledge into the field of therapeutics.

352 bladzijdes, 369 afbeeldingen, gebonden, €78,00


14 augustus 2020

ISBN: 978-3-943305-57-9

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